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The types of work we do with our clients includes:

-    Audience: who is your audience & do you understand their needs and what drives them? 

-    Design: what is the foundational need & job of the education you’re offering?

-    Delivery: what is the best modality/s to serve your audience & their learning needs? 

-    UX: is it easy to buy from & access real educational value from you? 

-    Model:  what is the plan of action to achieve your overall aim?

-    Identifying viable new markets for expansion

-    Preparing new institutions to be competitive upon launch

-    Advancing business development, sales and marketing to increase access, reach, sales, and revenue 

-    Diversifying educational models and revenue streams

-    Pivoting to new modes of delivery without losing institutional/brand identity

-    Navigating cross-border regulations and complexities when expanding into new markets and territories