Remaining relevant and sustainable is a challenge for all education providers.


Our purpose at Maclean.Education is to advance learning that goes beyond traditional boundaries to free more people through good education. 


We journey with our clients to advance society through racially transformed educational and business practices that create and maintain employment.




Who is your audience, and do you understand their needs and what drives them?


As quality time, insights, and resources are a challenge for all providers, we provide you with a competitive advantage by reducing the anxiety and resources required for you to transition for the changing educational needs of society.

Educational Value

Brand value

What is the foundational need and job of the education you’re offering?


Your brand is only as useful as the access to it - is it easy to buy and access quality education from you? As experienced education leaders we know the challenges of balancing academic and commercial imperatives. Let’s work together to increase your reach, efficacy, and revenue, and reduce your speculation, guesswork, and bottlenecks.

What is required to meet your current needs, and create sustained value? 


Let’s move beyond earnings, for a learning organisation that is obsessed with value creation over the long-term – serving your mission through education, brand, and sustained value.

sustained value